The Swiss Travel Sub Network consists of 16 domains. Not all of them are
high-ranking visitor sites naturally, how could they be? But. What if you
were to buy a secondary domain at a vastly reduced price and had it, as part of the deal, linked from That would result in making the deal you made into one that would allow you to be linked from a site with perfect targeting and a high visitor and search engine score to a second site which could be just as well targeted but with a smaller visitor count.  That would truly represent the goose that laid the golden egg.

All sites in the Swiss Travel Sub Network are for sale

As we mentioned above, the biggest, most highly visited and most profitable site in the Swiss Travel Network (STN) a sub network of the Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN) is www, This is also the most visited site in the Swiss Travel Network. In fact it is one of the top three in the entire ATN with the number of visitors listed below. It is also worthy of note here that all of the statistics listed below refer exclusively to the Ski Switzerland domain and do not count the others which are saleable and potentially more productive items on their own. Please ask for figures on any domain you might be interested in.

The Swiss sub network is priced differently for each domain. For businesses looking for perfectly-targeted Swiss domains they are all here, all devoted to incoming tourists the year round. I would advise professionals to look at the rest of the Swiss domains. And please do not forget; a purchase on one of the other domains may well earn a prominent advertising position on the domain

$ 150,000 $ 5,000

$ 100,000 $ 5,000

$   50,000 $ 5,000

$   50,000 $ 5,000

$   10,000 $ 5,000

$   10,000 $ 5,000

$   10,000 $ 2,000

$    7,000 $ 2,000

STN is a major sub section, its own network of travel web domains of the
250-domain ATN. Each domain, a solo entry or the entire STN  network is for sale. All domains named above are directly related to travel within and to Switzerland. Some concentrate on activities that take place in different parts of the mountainous country. As a result they are perfectly targeted. The Swiss Travel Network first registered sites in March 1996.

Visitors and page views.
There are approximately nine million page views a year. There are around two (2) pages viewed for every visitor. (This is due largely to Zermatt names featured on Switzerland which drives many viewers to go directly to sport shop and accommodation providers.

As visitors go the amount of visitors about one million eight hundred thousand per arum or fifteen thousand visitors (15,000) daily. It is worthy of note here that our purpose is to drive visitors to partner's sites as quickly as possible.

Phrases put into search engines.
These  include Ski Switzerland, Switzerland Skiing and Skiing in Switzerland.
It is interesting to note that here, often, the domain ranks first.

Top countries.
Great Britain, USA, and Switzerland come in as the top 3. Note though that
more European countries such as Germany and The Netherlands rank highly

Outside sites visitors come from
The domain produces the most visitors. Second and
third are and Unsurprisingly most domains come from other Activelifestyle domains.

If you have questions or would like to make an offer please contact me,
Bill Fogarty at this email;